New Year, New Blog, First Post.

Hi, and welcome to this new blog. My name is Frank Neumann, I live in south-west  Germany, and after far too long time I finally started my own blog today.
I owned the domain “” for a long time now (>8 years?) but never used it for  anything else than a simple “data buffer”. Now, thanks to the kind folks at I have a real WordPress blog to dump my brain into.

What can you expect? The plan is to write about things that I care about – mostly, as the name implies, about Linux Audio (making noises, sounds, music, creating work flows, explaining little tricks etc), but also about other computer-related things I am interested in – graphics, software development, whatever.

Besides, I’ll write now and then about the “life outside computer world” which to me means topics like:

  • My favourite sports – Running, Hiking, Climbing, Mountain Biking, ..
  • Photography
  • Life, the Universe and anything not covered so far

Those who know me a bit also know that I am incredibly slow, so don’t expect a new article every day (or even week). But you are welcome to check back now and then.

Happy New Year everyone – may it be soundful and musical,