Hapi vs. Xylophone by GoldBaby – SFZ file

The kind folks at GoldBaby have released quite a few free sample sets on their webpage (but definitely also check out the stuff they sell for money!). One particular sample set that caught my attention is “Hapi vs. Xylophone”, a blend of two similar sounding instruments.

The download consists of a 55MB archive and holds 26 high-quality samples (44.1 KHz, 24bit – no velocity layers, though) plus configuration files for EXS24 and Kontakt. I have written a small config file for SFZ which works nicely for me in LinuxSampler (simply download the file, remove the “.txt” extension, and place the .sfz file in the same directory as the samples).

Here’s a quick sound example; pad sound is courtesy of Yoshimi.