Linux Audio Conference: Call for Papers’ deadline coming up

Capturing the spirit (and ambient sound) of the LAC2010 in Maynooth, Ireland

The next (11th) Linux Audio Conference – or LAC#11 for short – will take place at the IEM (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics) in Graz, Austria, from May 9th to 12th, 2013.

As every ear, the Call for Papers and Call for Music has been sent out a while back, and the deadline for paper and music submissions is on February 4th. If you plan to submit a paper, use the remaining weeks (and, likely, weekends) to grab the paper template, write your paper and put it into a good shape, and then hand it in through the LAC’s participation page.

The range of available topics is wide, so anyone should find something that his paper fits into. Especially “user-view” papers have always been accepted with great interest, as in “this is how I use application xyz to produce this kind of sound/music”, or “here is my workflow based on these tools”. Besides papers, proposing a workshop might also be an alternative if you’re not that much into writing papers.

The LAC has always been a great event, not only due to the high-profile content of the papers presented, but also due to its social factor (spontaneous hacking sessions, getting into contact with developers and composers, and generally having fun together).

Don’t miss it!