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Bicycling through the Black Forest and the Alps

High tide on the Rhine

High tide at the Rhine - "have a seat".

After quite a bit of snow and chill in the first weeks of 2013, last week has seen a dramatic temperature change – Wednesday we had +15C in and around Karlsruhe, which is quite unusual for this time of the year.

The mild weather caused heavy wind for a while, rain – and of course additionally a lot of melted water coming down from the Blackforest. The Rhine picks up these changes with a little delay, so today we seem to have reached the peak around 8m at Maxau.

Since the rain had finally stopped, I took the chance to go out for a little bicycle trip to the Rhine to see the water with my own eyes (and cameras) – yes, you can call me a “Gaffer” now :-).

How should the life guard ("DLRG") save lives when they can't reach their home base?

The water is already slowly retreating now, but this is certainly not something you see around here every day.

A swan enjoying its extended "hunting ground" - these are the meadows of the "Rheinstrandbad" (open air bath)